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Sister Love

Today I got to see some major sibling love. A lot of the time there’s a lot of questions and sometimes things seem so unfair. Other times it seems that everything revolves around autism.

This morning was, well, rough. It’s one of those days when everything seems to be frustrating. It’s one of those days when I have no idea where all of my patience has gone. Maybe I’m about to start my period or maybe I’m just crabby.

I slept in this morning. It was amazing. Christmas break and there were no alarms and no where to be until 11. Gabe didn’t have to go into the office until late morning and got up with the kids. It was glorious.

By the time I got up we had a few things to do and then get ready for therapy. No big deal.

Somehow every simple task was halted. Kayla just shut down and wouldn’t cooperate. 20 minutes before we were supposed to leave she was still wearing pajamas and those fuzzy socks that look like gloves. I was so frustrated I just took a shower. Ok, so I was hiding in the shower. At that point she was going to go to therapy in her jammies with crazy hair and bad breath.

When I got out of the shower I found that Madison had helped get her dressed and ready to go. She even had on her jacket and had brushed her teeth. Then Madison asked me if it would be ok if she got her snack and water ready to take with her. Um yes!

What I realized after the fact, of course, is that Kayla asked me where her schedule was this morning. I usually have her schedule done on the iPad. I didn’t do it because I didn’t know what her plans were. Everything after that seemed wrong to her. My husband told me that she had even cried because she wanted her jacket zipped before she brushed her teeth. Everything had seemed out of order.

I’m thankful for sister love this morning. We all can lose our patience sometimes.


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