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Honey Bunny



I was driving my daughter to therapy yesterday when I realized how hard she was working.  She’s homeschooling with me and killing kindergarten.  She’s also doing ABA therapy and almost always gives them her best.  In the quiet car I told her, “Layla, I’m so proud of you and how hard you are working!”  She said, “Mommy look!  There’s a big cloud coming out of there!”  We were in an industrialish area.  I continued, “I’m happy to be your Mommy.  I love you so much!”  She says, “The cloud is getting so big!”

Even though our conversation isn’t typical.  She didn’t even acknowledge the feelings I expressed to her.  What I did see when I looked back in the rear view mirror was a gorgeous smile on her face.  I don’t know why telling me about the cloud is easier than talking about feelings, but the precious look on her face tells me she knows she loved.

After I picked her up I told her we had to go get Stone Stone.  She corrected me to let me know his name is just Levi.  I played with her a little bit going through all the nicknames I have for my little guy.  She giggled and kept saying his name is JUST Levi!  Playing a little bit more I asked her what I’m supposed to call her.  She usually doesn’t like nicknames.  She likes to be called Kayla.  Anything other than that is just ridiculous to her because it’s not her name.  I was suddenly very surprised by her answer.  She said, “Honey Bunny!”  I’ve called her that since she was born.  A lot of the time she doesn’t like it, but today, she accepted by term of endearment.

I attempted telling her that made me feel happy.  I made the mistake of telling her it’s like there’s happy butterflies in my tummy.  The very puzzled/horrified look on her face told me that wasn’t a good explanation.  Well, you win some, you lose some!

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