Homeschooling child with autism ideas-boxes for answers

Homeschooling child with autism ideas-boxes for answers

My first week homeschooling I was going crazy trying to get her to actually write down her answers.  I know she knows how to write numbers, and she had just told me the answers.  So why then wouldn’t she write it down?  As she kept going the numbers got bigger and bigger and she was so unsure of where to stop writing so she stopped writing them down all together.  After we had closed the book and decided to just do it later I remembered something.

The way she was writing reminded me of the aimless way that my dog was walking with him when we would get off of the sidewalk.  He would weave back and forth aimlessly as if he didn’t know where to go.  On the sidewalk he walked like he had been trained by the Dog Whisperer.  What was the difference?  Boundaries.  I’ve heard kids love boundaries.  They won’t admit it, but they feel secure in them.  So I thought what if I gave her a boundary for writing her answers?  So I wrote boxes on the blank answer portion of the page, and it was like magic.  The left column took forever.  Like pull your hair out painful foreveeeeer.  The right side took a whopping 5 minutes.  She just needed a boundary!


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