The Double Take

Today, I read a post from a diary of a mom about some ugly, ugly things that someone said in reference to autistics.  I’m not going to get into that.  She did a fantastic job, but it made me think.  A lot.

My girl in her ladybug costume and cowgirl boots

My girl in her ladybug costume and cowgirl boots

My first thought to speak up about my baby girl is that autism is one of the things that make her beautiful.  In her whole 5 years of life I have seen her see things so differently than I do.  She’s so incredibly smart and enthusiastic about the things she loves. She has one of the most beautiful minds I’ve ever seen.  She thinks outside of the box.  In fact, she has a whole different box that she’s thinking outside of.

I’ve found that even the most beautiful people I’ve seen will make me do a double take.  You know, when you see someone that strikes enough interest to make you want to look again.  I don’t find that with people who are cookie cutter pretty.  The cookie cutter girls are the ones that are almost carbon copies of whatever celebs they want to emulate.  The hair, tan, makeup, clothes…we’ve seen it all before.  Then, someone comes along and is her own person.  She’s a trend setter or someone with features we don’t see everyday.  She makes you want to take a second look.  It’s a beauty we can appreciate.

That’s the way I see my girl.  There’s nothing cookie cutter about her.  Everything she does makes me do a double take.  Why? Because it’s worth the second look.  She’s double take beautiful from the inside out.

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2 thoughts on “The Double Take

  1. She’s very beautiful 🙂

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  2. Thank you so much!


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